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TORS Surgical equipment gives surgeons unmatched precision and much faster cycle times in comparison to heavier traditional longitudinal ultrasound systems.

Engineered by the pioneers of torsional ultrasound in keyhole surgery TORS offers a complete revision system with a single soft tissue channel and two cement removal channels.

  • We have designed a durable solution to the problem of autoclave sterilisation of a handpiece with active power switch.
  • The two-part TORS cement handset comprises:
    • Inner transducer – a simple switchless canister with robust seals.
    • Outer handpiece – a lightweight, ergonomic, single use plastic handle with comfy annular switch accessible at all angles.

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  • The soft tissue transducer is a completely reusable device that will enable haemostatic skin and muscle incisions equivalent to monopolar diathermy but running much cooler and therefore smoke-free yet with better bleeding control.
  • The soft tissue transducer can be used in primaries as well.

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  • The new Torsional Piercer probes now for the first time enable you to ream out the cylindrical cement by stepping up in head diameter through 6, 8, 12, 15, 18, 20mm via two interchanging transducers. While you use one, the scrub nurse is putting the next size up on the other transducer.

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  • The torsional ultrasound means that the distal tip is rubbing rather than hammering the cement or bone so the risk of perforation is arguably even lower than with Oscar.
  • The impedance mismatch between titanium and bone means that TORS stops cutting and squeals on bone contact in the same way as Oscar.

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Radley Scientific has a strong track record in the field of surgical ultrasound, the team that brought the market leading Oscar platform to the hip revision market and introduced the innovative Lotus system to laparoscopic surgeons.

Boasting a team of leading ultrasonic engineers with over seventy years hard won experience in surgical ultrasonics.

The team is backed by bleeding edge computer simulation technology that allows the rapid and reliable development of innovative ultrasonic solutions. This coupled with a modern machine shop which quickly produces prototypes for trial along with accurate and reliable components for production.

This powerful combination allows us to rapidly react and innovate to satisfy the most demanding of surgeons needs whilst ensuring the safety and rapid recovery of their patients.